It’s been on full year since Illusion assignment’s release and in honor of that we decided to make a wordpress.

We may not have much of a following, but we’ve been having fun working on IA.

Sadly, Diancy’s sketch files haven’t been retrieved from their old laptop yet, so you get to see it another time.

Thankfully, we got this back-up plan: The characters and when they were kids. Little snippets of their childhood. These memories vary from age to age.

Gambling King/Nigel Hillingham (7)

I watched as Devin and Nathaniel ran around. Devin was busy chasing Nathaniel with a toy rat, while I just laid underneath an oak tree with a book in my lap.

Now this book wasn’t something that other kids read. I didn’t really like those fairy tales as I was more interested in these murder stories, more specifically around casinos.

“Ni-ni! Help me!” Nathaniel shouted as he ran right towards me and right up the tree.

“You’re fine.” I replied going, back to my book.

We may be considered monsters, but we still have a right to have a childhood. Doctor Vienna and Doctor Talin are doing their best from what I understand. I’ll take them over my actual parents any other day.

C-Sharp/Nathaniel Keen (7)

“Amazing Natty.”

“Really Uncle James?” I asked, beaming up at my uncle as he fixed my fingers position on the guitar. He was happy to teach me music and my little five-year-old mind loved making noise.

“Of course Nathan!” Uncle Lee piped up from the wall, “Absolutely beautiful. Maybe better than James.”

“He has a long way to go before he’s in my ranks.” Uncle James defended.

I chuckled and looked up at him, “I’ll be the best when I’m older.”

Uncle James  smiled at me softly, “Then you got a lot of practice to do kiddo. Oh right! I have some extra backstage passes to Dezio Angelo show. Want to join me?”

I instantly tackled him and laughed alongside Uncle Lee as we both shouted yes.

Arachne/Kenta Norm (8)

Daddy lifted me up and spun me around as the song continued to play. Ma used to play this song all the time..

“Cévon! What’s cookin’ brother?” Miguel greeted as he waltzed into the room, “I thought I was gonn’ be the little lady’s dance partner.”

“Uncle Miguel!” I quickly hopped out of my dad’s arms and ran to Miguel, “Are you coming too?”

“Of course sweetpea. He always come with. Should we get goin’?” Daddy asked.

Miguel lifted me up and chuckled, “Let’s go visit your ma!”

It wasn’t too far and smiled as I knelt down. I took off the ribbon around my finger and wrapped it around some flowers that my daddy handed me.

“Hi ma…” I whispered, setting the flowers before the tombstone, “I have a lot to tell you.”

Masque/Luis (9)

I watched as Elodia placed the mask over my eyes.

“You look like a superhero!” Julio said as I looked over towards him and the others.

“I don’t feel like one…” I sighed.

“Aw, don’t say that Lulu!” Kamryn beamed, “You look like a one of my dads showguys! The fancy ones that are really formal, but super nice.”


“Yeah! What Kam said!”

I spun around to see ****** smiling right at me.

“Are you sure?” I asked again, this time sounding a bit better.

****** just flashed me a smile as Kenta came up, “Come on Lu, you look really cool!”

I made my way to the mirror in Kamyrn’s room to look at myself in the mirror to see myself. The mask didn’t go with my clothes, but if I was at a costume party, I would be sure to wear this mask.

Visage/Cyril Theil (11)


I looked away from my art to see a girl, a little smaller than me and maybe younger.

“It’s sad.” I replied dimly.

“Winter is sad, but pretty. Storms are bad, but pretty. Death is sad, but can be pretty if she wants to.”

I watched the girl for a bit before looking back at my art. Maybe she was right.

“I guess so…”

“Why are you alone?” She asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Why do you wear a mask?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you have any friends?”


“Liar! You have me!” The girl grinned, she was missing a tooth, “I’m Elodia Akinci Callejo Wolfgang.” She held her hand out.

Slowly I took it, “I’m Cyril… Um… Wanna paint with me?”


Angel’s Shadow/Elodia Akinci Callejo Wolfgang (9)

I can hear shuffling from behind me as Damario knelt down on my bed and sighed. In the reflection of my window, I could see that Damario had a sheepish smile as he looked over my shoulder.

“Come on, baby sis… Are you really mad at me?”

“Hmph.” I turned my head away from his.

Damario just sighed before I could feel him get a bit more comfortable.

“Alright… Guess I’ll go ahead and leave you alone with the-”

“Dama…” I interrupted, warning him. I may be nine, but I’m not stupid and being an illusioner is much worse.

“What? Did you think that I was gonna say the tickle monster?” He mused, but pouted when I gave no response “Fine.” He got up and I heard the door shut.

Slowly, I turned around, only to get tackled into my pillows as hands started to wiggle against my sides.

“Da-Dam-” I couldn’t even finish his name as laughter took over.

“Laughing Taffy is here!” Damario shouted with glee as he continued to tickle me.

Devil’s Light & Dagger/Devin and Luca Dalton Batts (8)

The two watched as their sister walked out with their dad. They weren’t very happy.

“Definition of a daddy’s girl!” Their grandfather growled, “Honestly.”

“Dad stop.” Their mum sighed, “Just go drink your brandy and leave mum and I to fix this. Devin, Luca, come here.”

The two walked to their Mum.

“This is going to be tough, but we’ll power through.” Mum started, “I love you both dearly and I forgive your father, but that doesn’t mean what he did is good. I want both of you to grow up with the sweetest of minds and hearts towards others no matter how different.” She knelt down and hugged them.

They hugged back.

Selkie/Kamryn Dakota (10)

I danced around the room as my father followed around with the camera. He was always so happy to record me, to have these memories of me as illusioners, especially kids, never get a chance at a good childhood.

“Kammy! Give your old man a little spin in that new costume!” Father flashed me a smile.

I ran over to in front of him and spun in my marching band out that I made myself with Elodia’s help.

“Think that I can help out in the show?” I asked.

Father chuckled and nodded, “Of course! The Deaf Jewel is catering for the food and Firefly Bites is catering the desserts. All such good friends.”

“I get to see some of my best friends! Yay!” I started to dance around, screaming happily.

Bullet/Atlas Holloway (8)

I watched as my grandma continued to sew beautiful designs on my jacket. It was nice to watch her, she always knew what to do.

“Will you teach me that one day grandma?” I asked.

Grandma looked over and smiled, “I thought that sewing was for girls?”

“That’s what Mister Ackley says… But, I don’t believe him!”

My grandma smiled and nodded thoughtfully, “Good. Learning stuff like this is a good thing for anyone. Come here.”

I walked over and sat next to her when she handed me some fabric and sewing needle that was already threaded, “What do I do?”

My grandma placed hers down and scooted over a little bit before reaching over. She started to lead my hands to start a simple stitch, “Alright sweetheart. First let’s teach you the basics…”

Hatchet/Julio Bezerral (9)

I watched as Elodia handed me another cookie.

“Try this one!”

I took a bite and savored the flavor of bitter berries and caramel. Elodia has been experimenting and I always loved her cookies.


Elodia nodded, pleased with my answer, “Happy birthday!” She reached over to hug me then pulled away afterwards, “Cookie taste-testing is better than any gift combined. Right?”

I smiled and nodded. I was spending the night at Elodia’s after the party and was happy that she was a good friend.

It was fun. Since all of my friends were there and Elodia’s dad loved me as if I was their own child and she treated me like a brother.

“Hey you two! Get to to the living room. Time for bed.” Damario called out as he walked into the closed bakery.

Pyro/Ashton Burns (10)

I cried as the doctor rubbed some bad smelling cream on my shoulder. It hurt, a lot.

“It’s alright sweetie. You’ll be fine.” He says as he called a nurse over, “Can you get the poor girl something sweet and some water?”

The nurse nodded and walked off as the doctor gently rubbed my back, “All done sweetheart. Care to tell me why your parents did this?”

I remained silent.

“Alright… Well social services will be here soon and will be assigning you to someone on Veskia.”

I looked up and saw the mirror across from me. Long red hair and just towels wrapped around my chest and legs. A large burn mark settling on my shoulder… I never wanted my long hair and I never wanted any of this this. I need to change.

Sunshine/Joshua Wenkert (10)

I watched as Drayson tapped on the tarantula’s tank.

“Please don’t do that. My uncle won’t let you hang over here again.”

Drayson turned and pouted, but stopped nonetheless. He walked over to where I was and turned on the tv, “Can we watch cartoons?”

I shook my head no, “Not allowed to.”



“Anything fun?”

I frowned at that description, but sighed, “We can watch something from the geographic channel. You like volcanoes, right?”

Drayson smiled and changed the channel as he reached over to grab his juice, “Why won’t your uncle let you do anything and why does he make you take those stupid pills?”

I shook my head no. I wasn’t so happy with the pills, but he still took care of me.

Lady/****** ******** (9)

I laughed as Elodia and Kamryn continued to put Bean in silly outfits. Bean just took it all, not a care in the world.

“Won’t Dama be mad?” I asked.

“Nah. He’ll take photos and laugh with us.” Elodia answered before hugging Bean, “Bean loves me more anyways.”

I nodded and walked over to pet Bean. It was nice to be around friends when everything is happening so fast. I knew what I wanted to do instead of being a famous actress.

“I want to help everyone.” I suddenly stated, “We should all help everyone! Become great groups among the bad things!”

Elodia and Kamryn watched me for a bit before grins started to grow on their faces, “Yeah!”


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