Chapter Three (Book One: Dragonfly)

Bitter Tasting Pills
By Anonymous Author

Why do I feel the pain?
Why do I feel the numbness?
Why do I live?

I can't sleep.
I can't breath.
And I can't dream.
With these.

They has no use.
Besides give me,
a never-ending, 

But, I take these…
These bitter tasting pills.


I watched as the holoscreens flicked to life and showed the location of every gang member of The Vanished.

Lighting a cigarette, I sighed.

I heard the door open and a loud screech with a thud following. I spun around, flames wrapping around my hands before noticing Nathaniel on top of one of the broken cabinets, clutching onto Ashton as if he was a lifeline.

“Still hate rats?” I asked, crouching down and slamming my hand onto the rat’s tail as it ran by, I lifted it up and watched as it tried to nip my arm as it swung back and forth.

“Yes! Now get it ou- Noooo!” Nathaniel whined, hugging Ashton even harder as I walked towards him with the rat, “Don’t bring it closer!”

Laughing, I reeled my arm back and walked towards the back door. Stepping out onto the steps, I set the rat down and watched as it made its way far away from me. I also threw out my cigarette, stomping it out.

Shutting the door, I shook my head, “What happened?”

“Nat here was getting his new outfit when he ran out screamin’ as if he was getting chased by a masked murderer,” Atlas explained from his spot in an archway.

“You sure it wasn’t Luis getting mad at you for ruining his suit last week?” I teased.

“That’s not even funny, Dev! I could’a died!” Nathaniel hissed as he let Ashton go.

“It’s a rat. You scared it with ya screaming. At most, it’ll nip ya.” Atlas sighed.

“It could have rabies!”

“We’re not on Veskia where its a possibility that all of the rats have that. Outside of Veskia all of them have medicine in their nests to lessen the chances.” Ashton explained.

“It could’a bit out my eye!”

“Highly doubt that.” Nigel piped up as he leaned down to pick up Karina.

She’s clingy… Just like Colver. 

“What if it had illusioner abilities, huh? It could’a spit acid!”

“It would look mutated.” Luca and I called out.


“Enough Nath. Let’s just finish getting ready.”

It took a few hours, but we finally managed to get all of our gear set and packed for the riot.

Drive? Check. Rope? Check. Extra knives? Check. Bullets? Check. Disrupter bombs? Plenty.

“All ready?” I asked as soon as I noticed Corbin walk into the room. I’ve been helping him try to control his abilities, which might be very helpful for our cause.

“Ready!” Corbin shouted.

“Right, we’re up first. So let’s get over and plant the disrupter bombs.” I ordered.

Corbin nodded and attempted to lift the backpack.


Shaking my head, I reached down and picked up the backpack, slinging it over my shoulder, “I got this, you take the smaller bag.”


It was a short walk to the library. The library was a safe-zone for everyone once the riot starts and while we’re able to fight back, we can’t do much outside of Veskia without the risk of all guards being called to our location.

I set the backpack down and opened it to get the rope. After making a good tight noose, I went ahead and started to swing the rope to the top of the building onto one of the stone crosses.

Tugging it to check stability, I turned to Corbin and smiled, “Ready?”


We climbed and of course, I had to help Corbin get a good grip every few bricks, but we were able to reach the top without being seen.

They have to work on security.

I could see some of my guys up there and I went ahead and tossed the bag at one of them, “Set up the disrupters and take extra ammo and knives.”

“So, what’s the plan?” I turned to Corbin as my guys went off to do their tasks.

“We wait for Bullet to give the signal by flashing one of his guns in the light from the building across the library.”


“Then we jump down to the fountain and start the show. The first founding councilman statue is our target.”

“What do we do if guards come?”

“Fight. But innocent civilians come first before us.”

“That’s right,” I said.

We can’t harm any civilians besides the guards and that’s what Nathaniel and Ashton were for, to keep our attacks away from them.

Our main target is the first founding councilman statue as over time us illusioners will get all of the founding statues.

We WILL be known…


“Hey Baba, Papá.” I greeted as the holoscreen flashed on.

“Hi sweetie. How is it so far?” Baba asked.

“And that wound…” Papá added.

“Fine and okay. I mean the injury is healing over nicely thanks to my illusioner genes-” I ran some fingers over the back of my neck, tracing the X-shaped wound under the thin bandage, “- and Colver was pretty excited. He was patting me non-stop so he could show me the new fabric patches you sent with him.”

“Great! There are some things for you too. Like sewing thread, needles, clothes, makeup, recipes, and some new photos for your album. Oh! I also packed some new ‘experimental’ drugs. Maybe you can share them amongst your mimic illusioner friends.”

Chuckling, I shook my head, “Sí, sí. Thanks for the new stuff, it must have been hard to get. But, we gotta make a run for it. Or we’re going to be late.”

“Okay okay. We love you! Be safe out in that riot.”

“Te amo, Papá. Seni seviyorum, Baba.”

Creating a heart with our hands, the holoscreen turned off. Walking over to the box, I took out the drugs and shoved them in my bag.

“G.S send the guys from my side of The Vanished to their locations. Come on, Colly, let’s make our way to our spot. We have to be ready.” I said calmly as we walked out of the room and onto Freo road.

Colver and I made our way to our location;  the fountain. We both were mimicked into different outfits, waiting for the signal.

‘Okay? Colver signed.

Smiling, I nodded, “Yeah, I’m good.”

For now…

‘Scared are we?’

And there goes my good mood.

‘It was never good, to begin with… Too optimistic for my tastes.’

Fuck off.

Despite the fact of me seeing Zakarias or Dominik, I was actually pretty calm. Or at least I hoped I looked calm because there sure was plenty of elderly people walking up and commenting on Colver and talking to me about him like he wasn’t even there.

“And how old is this handsome young man?”

Soon the elderly left us alone, which I was honestly thankful for.

I watched the crowd, scanning for the others and for obstacles. Currently, I was able to see my guys in their exact locations.

By the storefronts; two guys are chatting away while drinking some coffee while a third is on her phone ‘talking’ with a fourth who was sitting down on a bench on the other side of the fountain.

Smiling, I looked down at Colver and saw him wide-eyed as a woman with a poodle walked by. The poodle itself had a stereotypical haircut.

He pointed at it.

“Don’t point, sweetie. But yes, that’s a pretty poodle.”

His hand dropped down and continue to look around.

I only sighed and waited for the signal, but time froze when I saw a familiar face.

Dominik, what is he doing here?!

My eyes followed Dominik and his ‘friends’ as they made their way with some guards to some thrift shop.

‘Care to say hello?’

Care for me to take QUILL?

‘You need your shadows still.’

The minute I saw the gun flash from Atlas, I brought Colver closer to my side, faking my reaction as Devin, Corbin, and his guys launched themselves towards the fountain, with screams of civilians following.

“Time to start the fire!” Devin shouted.

Both Nathaniel and Ashton were already watching the crowd alongside leading them to safer zones.

I slowly started to make my way to a small floral stand, that was really a front for one of the big three back on Veskia.

Opening the stands small side-door and waited for Colver to climb in. This was a safe-zone that he picked out himself. I smiled and planted a kiss on his shoulder before dropping my mimic and making my way to the fountain.


I let Chandler drag me along, fearing that he might do something to me if I don’t let him.

We slowed to a stop when we saw the others enter a thrift shop. So Chandler and I waited outside instead of doing something more sensible, like going in.

Carson Halpine was there and he’s not really too bad, he just has a sweet tooth that if it isn’t satisfied he becomes a jerk. He’s also

Désiré Montgomery is about as fiery as his red hair. I think he may be part illusioner, but I don’t want to ask. He is known for violence and honestly will probably kill if given the chance.

Mathies Graner is the youngest, and honestly is most likely being corrupted by the others. I should know… I used to babysit him when he was younger, he used to be so kind and sweet, now he’s turning to be just like Chandler.

At least Dominik Crown is tolerable. He’s nicer and if I really had to choose to be the friend of the councilmen sons, I would choose Dominik. He’s been seen with a girl who wears a new animal mask at every event with extravagant dresses to match.

I just wish that I wasn’t here since the guards were looming nearby.

It wasn’t long until they came out.

“Boys, meet-”

“We already know Joshua. Straight A, one-friend, pretty pathetic in general…” Désiré interrupted, “Why is he here anyway?”

“Thought he could use some… friends,” Chandler replied, squeezing my shoulder.


Chandler only frowned at Désire before looking towards me, “How about a movie and we ditch Désiré?” He paused before looking at the others, “The rest of you can come too I guess.”

“God, you are damn rude.”

“And you are rude to my friend.” With that, Chandler turned his attention to a crowd running past us.

“What in the- Fuck, illusioners!”

The circle of guards around us only tightened and so did Chandler’s grip on me as people shouted. I couldn’t find a chance to escape from his grasp, it was too tight.

I watched stunned as a masked blonde male stood at the base of the fountain while another figure stood at the base of the fountain.

“This is a message to all of you fools who choose to follow the damned councilmen! They do nothing for you people. Claiming to protect you when all they do is continue to anger the group that has power.” The blonde shouted.

“Fuck is that asshole talking about?” Carson hissed.

“Just another riot that’ll get them hurt. Nothing more nothing less.” Dominik explained, “Though I wish that they picked a better spot.”

“One of the founding councilman statues. Hey, how stupid can they be.” Chandler mumbled.

“Well, not too stupid if they decided to pick the statue.” Dominik replied sharply, “They’re smarter than they look. Especially the mimic illusioners…”

“Act like you know them on a personal level.”

“You have to when it comes to them. How else are we supposed to fight them.”

I only nodded along, agreeing with Dominik.

“We need to get you som-”

“Nah, I got this. You all just stay back and don’t intervene.”

Dominik only walked off, leaving the guards and his friends stunned. I myself was stunned by how calm he was, he even casually sent some scared people to a nearby police station, away from this riot.

Chandlers grip only tightened on me, “Damn fool. But, no more than you…”

I shuddered at the thought and muffled a cry once I felt a prick on my left wrist. Looking down, I could see the tip of the DIAD on me, peeking from Chandler’s pocket, unnoticed by the others.

‘Later came pretty quick…’

Not now, please. 

One look from Chandler gave me chills. His jaw tightened and I could tell that my life was only going to get worse.

“You keep the fuck away!”

My attention was turned to the illusioners. I watched as the illusioners tensed. The blonde was in front of the girl, blocking her from Dominik’s advances.

“I would just like to speak with the one in charge,”

How is he so calm?

“That would be me… And I would rather punch your face in right now.” The blonde growled.

“Hold off!”

The girl’s voice sounded sweet, melodic even.

“Devil’s Light, let him through. We all know that this won’t end well.”

Devil’s Light shot her a look before stepping aside, letting the girl walk past. We all watched as Dominik stayed put. The girl only stopped a few feet away, out of his reach.

“Angel’s Shadow… You should’ve just talked to us nicely.” Dominik said, giving a small bow.

“Right… Looks like your dogs sure don’t like me chatting with you.”

Chandler only frowned before looking towards three guards  “Two of you co-”


Our attention was turned back Angel’s Shadow.


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