Side Story about a day in Selkie’s shoes.

Kamryn smiled as they waved to the crowd.

“Thank you all my dears! It’s been a great show! Now I need to run off for the next act to play for you! I’ll see you next time my guys, gals, and non-binary pals!” Smiling once more, they walked off the stage into the back.

“Great job, Sel.” Elodia commented from her spot on a nearby crate.

“Very enjoyable,” Kenta added.

“Just wonderful.” Luis nodded.

“Anything that ya can’t do?” Julio asked.

“You.” Kamryn joked, laughing along with Elodia and Kenta.


Kamryn wiped some tears from their eyes and shook their head, “In all seriousness, I was terrified. I have never, in my entire life, have seen such a large crowd. I was about to pull a fainting stunt.”

“You did fine, hun.” Kenta explained, “How about we head to the Four Suit Casino in the no-fight zones?”

Kamryn nodded and soon the group was off. Or at least they managed to make it to the entrance when people swarmed them to get Kamryn’s autographs.

“Every fucking time!” Elodia cursed.


“Admit it, you love Cyril!” Kamryn poked Elodia’s shoulder in a joking manner.

“I do not!” Elodia snapped. Red was crawling onto her cheeks before she stuck her tongue out at Kamryn

“The more you deny it, the more it becomes true.”

“Who’s side are you on, Lulu!”

“My own.”

Elodia groaned, falling back into her seat. Colver was sick, so she told him to stay home and rest. She was now regretting leaving him there.

“Poor Colly. How’s he doing, dearie?” Kamryn asked taking sip of their cotton candy cocktail.

“Better than two days ago.”

Kamryn nodded before getting up, “I saw some fans of mine. I’m going to say hi for a bit. Do you sweethearts want anything?”

“Devin to stop being a salak.”

“Sweetie… Something realistic please.” Kamryn laughed before walking away and towards a booth with some girls, “Evening my dearies!” They greeted and smiled towards the girls, “How are you all doing this wonderful day?”

In that very instant, Kamryn was pulled into their booth and swarmed with questions.

“How do you keep your hair like that? Do you have a hairstylist?”

“What’s your normal morning routine? Like makeup and stuff.”

“Can we get some autographs?”

“Oh oh-oh! Can we get some photos?”

“How are you feeling today?”

“Are you dating anyone? Is it-” Name after name. Seriously, how many people does this girl even know of?

Kamryn started to sink in their seat as questions continued to be asked. While they may be popular, being swarmed like this is never fun. It makes them feel small and scared for their safety. But, with a loud sigh, they started to answer the questions.

“I don’t have a hair stylist, I do it all by myself. Depending on the day, I switch my routines, so hard to explain. Anytime for autographs and photos. I’m non-binary today, so they, them pronouns please, my dear, and no. I’m not dating any of those huns. But I will agree with you on the fact that Julio is a fine piece of man, but respect his boundaries please and his sexuality.”


Kamryn nodded a goodbye to their friends as they parted ways. Making their way back to their place, they began to think.

I haven’t been in interested in many folks for a while now. Guess I’ve just been busy with shows and being with my friends.

Humming a small tune, they turned into a small alleyway leading to a building. No lights were on, making them believe that their roommates haven’t returned from their trip yet.

Sighing, Kamryn made their way into the building and straight into their room. Running a hand through their hair, they stared at themselves in the wall mirror by their vanity.

Wavy curly undercut dyed blue and pink. Eyes blue and pink from the illusioner DNA in them. They were currently wearing a black skeleton crop hooded sweatshirt over a skeleton themed shirt and capris. Black gloves to go along with the skeleton theme and matching socks with simple boots seemed to pull it all together. Normally it would be their gang uniform, but they wanted to be different today.

But, they weren’t worried about their appearance.

They were worried about their mental state.

It was an ongoing war in their mind. From being the son to the mother who left and to who they really want to be. It was like this ever since they were eleven. To the point where they blamed themselves for their mother walking out on their dad and them.

I’m sorry that I wasn’t the son you wanted…

I’m sorry that I can’t be that anymore.

I’m sorry that I am just being…. Me…

Before they knew it, tears were streaking down their faces as they continued to watch themselves. Hands slamming on the vanity, they began to rummage through the small drawers until they found what they wanted…


Popping the cap off, they started to draw on the mirror.


I didn’t mean for you to leave.

I just want to be loved.

I just want my mother!

Filthy. Guilty. Stupid. Broken. Ugly. Torn. Mental. Unlovable.

Little did they know that the door to their room opened to reveal two males, twins. Slowly the twins made their way to Kamryn, who despite the mirror being right there, was now on the ground crying.

Arms wrapped around Kamryn, leaving them all in the silent sobs and silent room. Kamryn continued to cry until the tears went dry. Softly breathing, they started to drift off into the twin’s arms.

Sighing, the eldest one picked Kamryn up and gently went over to their bed and setting them down, “Jonathan, can you get their medication ready for tomorrow?”

“Sure… Travis, do you think- Actually, nevermind.”

“Spill it,” Travis whispered sharply as they tucked Kamryn in.

Jonathan was silent before sighing, “Do you think that we should stay with them tonight? I don’t want them to wake up from some nightmare screaming and crying their head off.”

Travis watched his brother before nodding, “I suppose… But, this won’t be a regular thing.” He grumbled, running a hand through his red spiky hair.

Jonathan laughed quietly, “Yeah. Whatever you say…”


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