Side Story about Pyro’s ‘little’ crush on Devil’s Light.


“Pyro! Pyro!”

“What?” I looked over to see a few kids running up to me.

Oh, it’s them again.

“How did you meet Devil?”

Why would you want to hear that story?

“Because we want to know!”

Opps… Said that out loud.

Running a hand through my hair, I smiled, “I guess a small story won’t hurt. It’s really not that special anyways.”


I sighed as watched myself in the mirror. Bandaged chest, dirty jeans, messy red hair, blood running from a cut on my cheek, and tears starting to form in my eyes.

Yet it wasn’t like I wanted to see myself like this, but my secret was known.

And I wanted to keep it one.

I should have never agreed to this…

But what choice do I have?

Sighing, I began to think. I was left alone in the room apart from some guards outside the door. This room was five floors high, so I can’t really jump out the window.

But, I am an illusioner. So I could fight the guards.

Yet, they outnumber me….

As I continued to think over my options, a voice shook me from my thoughts.

“Don’t think of leaving. Guards are all over.”

There goes that plan…

I stopped in the middle of my thoughts when something moved in the shadows of the bed.

Yet when I went to check, there was nothing, but a small black mouse that ran away as soon as it saw me.

With a breath of relief, I spun back towards the mirror and began to undo the bandages. It was starting to hurt to breath anyways, but it was all I had. I could see faint red marks from the bandages on my chest.

Looking up at the mirror once the bandages were off, I saw a figure behind me.

Squeaking, I turned to slap them, when they grabbed my wrist and pulled me into their chest, “Quiet” they hissed once they released me.

Creating an X over my chest with my arms and crouching down low, I froze. The figure was male, taller than me, and most likely ten times stronger than me. His hair was blonde and violet eyes stared at me; watching my every move. He wore a rather odd outfit; a single sleeved dark gray hooded jacket over some black shirt and jeans with one of the pant legs rolled up.

“Devil, you salak.” Another voiced hissed.

Devil grumbled something in return when I felt something drop onto my back.

“Put this on. Angel, can you and Dove handle a bit of a barmy distraction.”

Looking back, I saw a girl and a boy wearing similar outfits to Devil. The girl had long dark brown hair with blonde bangs that was swept to the right side and the boy had short black hair with bangs that covered his right eye. I could see a hint of gold in the girl’s eyes as she smiled.

“Leave the pendejos to us.” The girl grinned before gesturing to the boy, “IWe got this, buddy.”

I watched as the two walked towards the windows and that was when I spoke up.


The two were suddenly covered in what looked like black swirls and disappeared.

Have I seen them before?

Yet before I could think of an answer, I was suddenly lifted up and over Devil’s shoulders.

“What? Put me do-”

“Belt up, will ya? I don’t wanna have to box your ears. Angel’s gonna do it to me since I shouldn’t be carrying you like this.”


Loud thumping interrupted me as they came down the hall and flooded into the room. There within the group of guards, I saw Désiré staring down Devil.

“Put ‘em down now, beast…”

“If I’m gonna be treated like a beast, then I might as well act like one. I mean, might as well shag this birdie.” Devil chuckled as he backed to the window.

Realizing what he was going to do, I squirmed as much as I can. There is no way that I’m going with someone who considers himself a beast… Like I do.

“Think about what you’re doing, monster.” A guard hissed, “You leave with young master Montgomery‘s ehm… friend, you will be hunted and we won’t be handling you and your girl well…”

“Well, that’s a brave proposal…” I was slowly shifted into a princess carry as Devil continued to make his way backwards towards the open window, “But, a tad too brave. After all, you can stop a clock, but not the time.” And with that, we fell backwards.

Instantly, I wrapped my arms around his neck and held on for dear life as something wrapped around us and pulled us back slowly.

“Couldn’t resist?” Angel sighed. When I looked over, both her and Dove were on hoverboards.

Devil’s Light… Angel’s Shadow… Dove’s Song… Now I remember. They’re from The Vanished! They just finished a riot a few hours ago!

“Yeah…” I was set down and a hand was pressed into my back, “We’ll meet up later. I parked my hoverbike in a nearby bush.”

“Alright… Vamos Dove, we need to get going and get Dev and his new friend a headstart.”

Waving a goodbye, the two took off past us with Angel shouting, “Over here pendejos!”

Devil started pushing me towards a nearby bush… Well, he actually started to drag me when I wouldn’t move.

“Do you want to keep true to yourself or be that wanker’s slag for the rest of your life? Get going.” He snarled as he reached into his pocket for what I assume to be keys, “Just get on the damned bike.”

As he pushed the bike out from the bushes, I watched as he got on. He waited, but my feet didn’t want to move.

“Either you stay here and be nothing, but a slag to that wanker or you come with me and have a better chance on Veskia.”

I got on behind him.

“Wrap your arms around my waist and hold on tight. I’m going to have to speed to the terminal.”

I did just as he said and that was when the bike roared to life and we took off.

When he meant speed, he kept to his word. I had my eyes squeezed tight and face buried into his neck as he was crouched over.

I felt a rumble come from him and it took me a few seconds to realize that he was laughing.

Time went by fast as I slowly opened my eyes to watch the streets blur by us. Colors flashed by and I swear that I could see flames wrap around us, but once I realized that they were flames, I squeezed tighter.

“Oi… I can barely breathe mate. What’s your name anyways?” Devil shouted over the roar of honking cars as we zig-zagged through a traffic jam.

“Ashley,” I replied quietly.

Why am I scared now?”

“No, for real mate. Name?”

“Ashton… Ashton Burns.”

“Well, I guess you know who I am, but Devyn Dalton Batts. Just call me Dev.”

Nodding, the hoverbike slowed to a stop by a train station. As we got off, I could see Angel and Dove with another kid onto the train cart. This kid wore the same clothes as the others but had short dirty blonde hair.

“That’s Devil’s Raven.” Devil- No Devyn, explained smiling towards me, “Consider yourself lucky that we’re going onto a different train cart. Because Angel is such a mother hen when it comes to stuff like this and her kid.”


“You shouldn’t ever use bandages to bind. If you want, I could get you out of Angel’s mother-henning to get a good fitting binder. But, you still need to take off the binder whenever it gets hard to breathe or starts to hurt. Alright?”

He’s different from what I hear…

“He’s the devil alright…”

“Fucking bastard keeps stealing food from my stands!”

“He’s a ruthless monster…”

He’s not all that…It looks like that he actually cares.



A laugh.

Looking up with a rosy red growing on my cheeks, I could see Devyn flashing me another smile. His red eyes looked soft and I didn’t feel scared around him anymore.

“Why don’t you join us? As a gang leader. You’ll be good.”



“Eh? What more do you want?” I asked.

“When did you realize that you liked Devil?”

How in the world did you all figure that out?!

“You stare at him a lot! And you always fidget and blush around him!”

Brain… Please stop speaking without permission.

Laughing nervously I shook my head, “No no. I don’t really like-”

“Don’t really like what?”


“Devil! D-Don’t do that!” I stuttered, clutching a hand to my heart as I regained composure.

“Pyro is saying that he doesn’t li-”

“Okay! You all should really be getting back to the Sisters! Shoo shoo!”

The kids giggled as I sent them away. Their hushed whispers about what transpired could barely be heard.

Kids are too chatty…


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