Side Story about Pryo’s hangout session with Devil’s Light before a special party.


“Hurry up!” Elodia hissed as I continued to browse through the dessert display. She was resting her arms on top of the case and looked pretty annoyed at me.

“Bug off.” I grumbled, “Just give me a couple honeycombs.”

“A couple honeycombs isn’t a number amigo.”

“Just two. And hand me three heartbreakers.”

Elodia raised an eyebrow at me as she reached for the items and placed them in a box that Damario designed himself. She handed them to me as she reached the register and rung me up.

“What no discount?”

“Do you work here? No. Are you a councilman? No. Are you a veteran? No. College student? No. Senior? No. Now go.” Elodia hissed before turning to face a customer behind me and placed on a smile, “Hola ma’am. What can I get you?”

Sighing, I left Firefly Bites and took off towards the park. I was going to meet Ashton by the weird lighting bolt tree.

As I made my way to the tree, I reached into the bag and took out the desserts only to find a couple extras and a note.

In case if you get a bit snackish. Don’t forget to get to the place at 7.

– Angel’s Shadow

Chuckling, I reached for the extra sweets. A few chocolate cigarettes, some truffles, and an extra heartbreaker.

Smiling, I took the chocolate shaped heart and broke it in half over the opening of the bag. Small pieces of candy fell into it and the soft thud of a charm hitting paper was heard.

After tossing the chocolate pieces into my mouth to let them melt into the sweet goodness, I took a mental note to ask for dark chocolate for next time.

I looked into the bag to see what was the charm; a devil wing charm.


I heard a small voice on my left.


Turning around, I snagged one of the honeycombs and tossed it to Ashton, “These are good, try one.”

Ashton merely stared at the sweet in his hands before sitting down next to me.

‘We’re alone… Let’s-‘

I will overdose on that experimental DP drug if you do not leave us alone…


Sighing, I grabbed the second honeycomb and started to nibble on the candy wax when he spoke up.

“Wh-What did you need me for?”

“Can’t we just hang out?”

Ashton was quiet, but that was fine. He was quiet, give usually shying away from me, but quiet.

Do I really seem that scary?

‘We’re a temperamental DP and you’re asking that?’


“I-I guess.” He stuttered before taking a bite of the honeycomb, “Firefly Bites?”

“Yeah… Angi didn’t give me a discount though…”


It was quiet while we ate the honeycombs. I finished mine first and waited for Ashton to finish his.

He was distracted enough to let me watch him.

Burn mark on his shoulder, freckles littered his body, his hair messy. I didn’t even realize that he was wearing a tank-top and shorts until he complained about the grass scratching his legs.

Glad to see that he’s comfortable enough to wear stuff like that.

I watched as he rubbed his arms and sighed as he shook his head, “Are you sure that you just wanted to hang out?”

Chuckling, I reached over to ruffle his hair, “Yes. Everything’s fine. Take a heartbreaker.”

Both he and I reached over to grab a heartbreak. He froze when our hands brushed against one another while I continued to reach for one.

“I got three. One for you, me, and Elodia gave us an extra one for us to break together.”

“Oh…” He quickly grabbed a heartbreak and snapped it in half. Candies and a small charm fell out onto the grass, “Oops.”

“Same thing happened to me before,” I said as I pressed down in the middle of mine, breaking it, candies stayed in the heart and no charm was found, “I guess I didn’t get lucky. Charm?”

Ashton searched in the grass and pulled out the charm. A small puzzle piece with the letter ‘I’ on it followed by half of a heart. He held it out to me and I could’ve sworn I saw red creep onto his cheeks.

“Oh uh… Devyn, I actually have to te-tell you something.” He said as he shoved the charm into his shorts pocket.

“What is it, As-” The tune of ‘Setting My Love On Fire’ was heard, interrupting me, “Bloody hell, who’s calling.” I grumbled as I reached for my phone, “Couldn’t you have rung me later?”

“We need you. Nat got drunk already…”

“Why me?”

“Because you’re his friend and I can’t babysit him! I’m busy setting the dessert table!”

“Jeez alright alright. We’ll head over now.” I quickly hung up before I could get a reply. Turning to Ashton, I sighed, “Let’s finish off the last heartbreaker and get going.”

“Where?” Ashton asked as he reached for the last heartbreaker, “Wait, together?”

“Somewhere and yeah, place your thumb on the middle over mine,” I said. Soon, Ashton did as I said and started to place pressure, causing the heart to break. I took my half and quickly ate it. Looking over at Ashton, he was just holding it, staring.

Grinning, I leaned over and took a bite out of his half and laughed when he started slapping my arm lightly.

“You jerk…” He mumbled as he started to eat the rest and got up, “We should go right?” He asked.

Nodding, I got up and chuckled before getting up. My hand grazed something smooth and metallic, looking down I was able to see a charm; a puzzle piece with a half of a heart, followed by the word ‘YOU’.


I quickly went to pocket it.


It didn’t take us long to get to where we’re going.

“What is this place?” Ashton asked.

I smiled and opened the door, letting daylight flooded into the room. There everyone stood, large smiles on their faces.

“Happy one year anniversary, Ashton!”

“Wh-Wha-What?” Ashton turned to me, shocked and quickly buried his face into my side.

“Man, scared ya little birdie?” I joked before hugging him, “Been a year since you became a gang leader. Did you really think that Selkie wasn’t going to have this be a giant party?” Chuckling, I rubbed his shoulders and just shook my head.


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