Alrighty! That’s it for weekly chapter updates. Next batch will happen once the next six chapters are complete.

We have two more side stories coming up; March 30th and April 2nd.

And no worries! Other things will be posted to keep you all happy. So, just be patient.

We recommend following our twitter, @.illusionassign and click that bell icon to get notified whenever we tweet!

Have a 🐝autiful day!

– Mod Keni

Mod Elodia: Gdi Keni! We said no emoji wordplay.

Mod Keni: Wow, someone’s 🐈.

Mod Xane: Keni!

Mod Keni: Aw… Why do you have to be such a 🐕.

Mod Xane: OH MY GOD! Stop it!

Mod Keni: Come on Xaney! These jokes of mine are 🐠tastic!

Mod Elodia and Xane: WE’RE DONE!


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