Another day for the Gambling King

Side Story on how close Gambling King and the four suits are. Spade, Diamond, Club, and Heart all love him dearly and he loves them back to a point to bring anyone harm to anyone who harms them.



My head sharply turned to the left, the hand that was washing the knife suddenly slipped, leaving a rather large gap on the palm.

Yet, I didn’t care about the pain since I was already running despite the girl I was with telling me to slow down.

I slammed the door to the ballroom open and there I saw Karina crying her eyes out. Jessie was on the ground, a gash on her arm, she was unconscious. And Hanita and Elvia were nowhere to be seen.

The large skylight was crashed in. Glass shards were all over the floor and after running to Karina, I took notice of scratches on her.

I dusted her off and hugged her, “Shush baby. Everything will be fine. Just a couple of jerks who got mad that they didn’t win a game of poker because they cheated.”

I could hear the loud footfalls of the girl medic run in and over to Jessie.

“Gambling King, take Karina into her room. I’ll come in later to patch you two up “

“Sure thing, Avani.” Slowly, I got up and continued to whisper to small and soft things to Karina as we made our way to her room. Though she can’t hear me, she still hugged me tighter. She knew that I was comforting her and also comforting myself.

“It’s alright. I’m here. I’m not going to leave you.”

We entered her room and I placed her down onto her bed. It was way too big for her, but I usually sleep in the bed with her if she has a nightmare or if she just couldn’t sleep.

Avani came in and smiled softly at me as she took my injured hand, but I swiped it away.

“Karina first.”

Avani just nodded and turned to Karina with a kind smile and started to clean and patch her up.

It was silence until she finished and went to me to clean the blood. I hissed as she started to use disinfectant and started to wrap my hand up in bandages.

“You’re too good to us.” I commented, “Are you sure that you don’t want to join the gang officially?”

Avani just chuckled as she tightened the bandage, “You know that I prefer to be a pacifist.”

Smiling, I just nodded, “I know. But, you don’t have to fight in any battles. You can just be a gang medic.”

“Then I have to deal with the infighting idiots.”

I chuckled, “Hey, it’s not so bad. I mean, if I can deal with it, you can do it ten times faster.”

Avani just smirked at my comment, “Maybe. Give me a good name and I’ll join for real.”

“Cicatrix.” I already thought about this.

“That means the scar of a healed wound. The bark of a tree. The mark of a stem left after one of the leaves  or other part was removed.” Avani started as she went to pack the supplies away, “I kind of like it, but anything else.”

“Numen. It means-”

“A spirit and or a divine power presiding over an item or place.” Avani interrupted, “I know my words, Gambling King. You play word games against me all the time and lose.”


“While this is a terrible time to even ask and answer this question,” Avani started, “I’ll accept. Someone needs to help you control your damn mutts.”

“Again, it’s not that bad. This little puppy is perfectly well-behaved.” I replied before laughing when Karina made a face at me.

“Says the mutt who is about to maul some men soon.” Avani said, signing as she spoke, “All better. I’ll find the other two.”

Karina nodded and I only said my thanks once more before turning my attention back to Karina.

She held her hands up and made some motion for me to pick her up before signing.

For being only two, she excels in learning sign language, thanks to Elodia.

‘Bad men. Hurt sister.”

I only nodded.

‘JJ called them cheating bastards.’

My hands gripped the sheets, “Did she…” I mouthed.

How didn’t I notice this happening? I was only a few rooms away. And when did Karina learn to repeat and sign swears!? I have to speak to Jessie about that… Actually, I need to talk to Elodia about that, she better not be teaching Kari swears at this age.

Karina nodded ‘They went bye-bye.’

‘I know.’ I signed before hugging her again, ‘I’m going to help Avani find the girls.’

Slowly, I walked out and smiled softly as I shut the door. Before I could turn around, two pairs of arms were wrapped around me.

“We went to find help!”

I looked down to see Hanita, small scratches littered her dark skin and on Elvia’s porcelain skin, there were similar scratches. They must have slipped while running. It was terrifying to see that they did they had to find help quickly. Hugging back, I just rubbed their backs softly and pulled away after a few minutes.

Avani came running up, “Some of the bouncers found the men and have them in holding.”

I nodded, “I’ll have a chat with them…”


I wiped the blood from my hands as I walked out of the room. Through the closing gap, one could see the men beaten and bloodied, some were still conscious while the others were out cold. As the door slammed shut, I turned to one of the bouncers.

“Those men are banned from all of our casinos and rings until I say so. Take their pictures and update the scanners.Warn the other leaders and other venue owners about them.” I ordered, “And if they try to fight it when they try to come in, call the sixth hour. She’ll deal with them as she owes me.”

“Yes, sir.”

I walked down the hall to the room where the girls were waiting.

Karina ran up to me and I lifted her up, “My little heart.” I rubbed my nose against hers before turning to the others, “You doing alright?”

Jessie smiled before answering, “Better than before. Ava is really amazing! And I think Hani and Eli are doing fine… I mean, they started arguing again.”

I chuckled as I looked towards the duo, who both look equally guilty, “Well as long as you stopped it.” I was going to continue to talk when I felt something poke my cheek.

Looking back at Karina, I waited.

‘Playdate?’ She signed.

I set her down and started to sign, ‘Ask Jessie.’

Watching with fond eyes, I laughed when Karina grabbed Jessie’s hand and led her away instead of asking.

Guess that she’s doing alright.

“Dia, Clu, let’s go on patrol while Spa takes Heart to her playdate.”



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