It Ain’t Sunshine & Rainbows (Side Story)

Side story about Sunshine’s proper meetings with the others.

(Thought that we would post this because this was supposed to go with chapter five (if memory serves me right) – Beni)



Uh, Elodia just gave me this journal, she said that she cleaned it out for me to use. Anyways, she said that I should use this. And I guess that I have a lot to say about what’s happening this week. But, before I say anything I should say that I tried to see my uncle, but that failed. I tried to visit Drayson, but he wasn’t home. He was on a trip with his dad apparently, at least his mom said that she’ll let him know that I dropped by.


Anyways, Ang- No Elodia said that the others were gonna help me learn about this all. But, one slight problem… They’re gonna have me visit four gang leaders a day for three days, then on the last day, I’m meeting my gang.

Just for basics, they said.

(Mostly for myself here)

Childhood Friend Groups

– Nigel, Nathaniel, Devyn

– Elodia, Kamryn, Julio, Kenta, Luis, Lady (Everyone refuses to say her actual name)

Joined Friend Groups After Law

– Atlas, Luca (Devyn’s triplet brother, the other, sister, is Violet)

– Cyril (Known Elodia since he was 11)

– Ashton (Joined just a year ago)

Day One

The first visit was with The Expired, led by Gambling King, Nigel Hillingham, with four leaders in training, Spade (Jessie Gilliam, and a mimic illusioner) being the oldest, then Diamond (Elvia Lua) and Clover (Hanita Glover), and finally Heart (Karina Pupols).

He was nice, calming and smart. I found it pretty cool that he only fought with throwing weapons, like playing card knives… And punches. His general abilities are simple light manipulation, like mine. He’s been a big help with that.

The girls on the other hand… It seems that they have varying abilities, but only Karina and Jessie have Nigel’s ability. She seemed rather calm, deaf, and is his youngest with her being only a year younger Colver. She is actually pretty strong, but most of that is because her abilities are unstable. When I was told to help her practice stabilizing her abilities, she had me pinned so many times. She uses similar weapons that Nigel has.

Elodia has been helping Nigel raise her apparently.

Jessie is really nice and smart. She’s very fashionable outside of the gang. I can see why Nigel is going to have her as head of the gang when he decides to leave. The other two… Fight, a lot. Like fire and ice, literally. Hanita is fire and Elvia is ice. As for their weapons, Jessie has a spear, lance, fencing sword, and finally throwing weapons. The other two have an ax and hammer, plus throwing weapons.

After doing some practice with them, I had to go and visit, C-Sharp (Nathaniel Keen) and his gang, Soul Singers. It wasn’t too bad… Loud, but wasn’t bad. Nathan and his gang is mostly music and sound based (Of course), but their weapons vary. Nathan has a guitar that when connected to his abilities, is a pretty cool weapon. Mostly sound and electric based abilities. So I spent half of my time listening to the gang’s songs and hear them argue about simple things.

After some mini concerts, I met up with Arachne (Kenta Norm) and Blesse (Anais Vohra) from the Webbed Kings. It’s an all girls gang and I found that pretty cool as they were pretty strong. Kenta told me about her family; her dad owns a restaurant on the same street that Elodia’s family’s shop is on. Her mother was deaf but was an amazing ballerina and chef.

Anais is really nice and it pretty close to Kenta, who even treats her like a daughter or little sister. But anyways, her gang is mostly trap based, very much similar to spiders. I found that pretty cool. Kinda creepy that they can ‘speak’ to arachnids. Kenta uses a dual-tipped whip and a fencing sword. Anais uses similar weapons.

Finally, to finish the day, I got to meet Luis, aka Masque. He was pretty formal. As was his gang. It was actually kind of nice to see that not all of these gangs were rough. He used firearms and is training to use swords with Julio teaching him. It was simple, difficult, but he did give me some tips. He’s training Cobra (Wilfried Koehne) to be a gang leader, and that kid is the absolute opposite of Luis and it really confuses me.

Day Two

Another day, another four to meet.

I got to hang out with Visage (Cyril Theil) for a few. He doesn’t have a future leader and apparently doesn’t plan to have one for awhile. He runs the Poisoned Artists and they are amazing. To be fair, he’s rather mysterious since no one knows the face behind his mask. He has an array of weapons, mostly firearms and an ax. But, I always seem him taking a pill, one that wasn’t one that I already know about. I didn’t want to ask, so I just asked about his art and I learned that a lot of it was just him being him. Then he started telling me about how the others tease him and Elodia a lot more than her and Devyn.

Elodia, aka Angel’s Shadow, came by with Angel’s Dove (Colver) to pick me up. They are part of The Vanished, but I’m being told that she and Colver might just separate from The Vanished, but it seems like she’s hiding something. They both use shadows and blood manipulation. Elodia is also a mimic illusioner, meaning she can look exactly like another person if she gets a bit of DNA from them, but she can’t mimic their abilities or even use her own abilities unless she takes DRIVE while mimicked as them, but she can mimic abilities and voices separately. She becomes mute while mimicked as a person and only uses half of the person’s strength.

Apparently the longer she keeps it up, the weaker she gets and while that’s normal for mimic illusioners, it’s worse for her. But other than that, she’s really cool to be around. Colver really looks up to her (He’s literally close to three now but really smart for a kid). He has a habit of collecting patches of fabric, taking photos, and writing many words at a time to turn them into a poem. I have to admit, he does look like her…

Devyn (Devil’s Light) came by with Corbin (Devil’s Raven) to show me how they work. He is blood and fire. Corbin can’t create weapons though, so I guess that kinda sucks for him since he looks up to Devyn so much. They act like brothers and it’s pretty cute. Devyn scares me though, he has pistols and some swords.

Meeting Luca, aka Dagger, wasn’t really fun. I mean, he constantly flirted with me and there was the first time we actually met which involved me being pinned to the ground by him… Reminds me too much of Chandler, so I’m going to speed through this. The leader of the White Ashes, the future leader is Rogue (César Nunes). Luca specializes in metal manipulation and ice. He pretty much is all about blades, so that scares me even more.

Day Three

Selkie, Kamryn Dakota, leader of the Amphitheater Actors. Very… Uh very into theater. They are pretty cool though, genderfluid and pansexual (They told me to write this in). No future leader and the only two co-leaders, Grim (Travis) and Paradox (Jonathan), are twins and complete opposites. Grim is more serious and Paradox is cheery. Kamryn is a mimic illusioner and a DP, they are pretty cool with it. At least they keep the voice down. Sound manipulation and solid illusion creation, weapons are mostly a really large hammer that reminds me of a comic book weapon.

Then came Atlas, aka Bullet, leader of the Black Ashes with his future leader, Allen Lynn (Lupus). Pretty much smoke manipulation and earth manipulation. Atlas flirts a lot with Elodia, she hates it. Atlas’s gang is pretty tough and majorly guys, but he’s pretty mean at times. Best friends with Luca, or at least I think… They fight a lot sometimes. I, stupidly, fucked up and got into a fight with some of the gang members.

Julio, aka Hatchet, saved me from that, his gang is the Ebony Swords. Well, Echo (Alice) did. She was sweet (and blind, but she’s amazing), heavily looked up to Julio, but is also heavily babied by him and his gang. When she brought me to him, she instantly went to surprise attack him and I couldn’t help, but laugh. Julio and Alice are anima-illusioners, meaning they have animal traits that can come and go. Julio is also a mimic illusioner and since he’s an anima, he can mimic more than one item at a time without breaking a sweat. Absolute brute strength and that’s kind of scary, earth and metal manipulation.

I got to properly meet Ashton, aka Pyro, leader of the Phoenixes. Fire and smoke manipulation mostly. Ashton came about a year ago so, not much to really say about that. He’s tiny and the youngest, but really smart. A sighter-illusioner… I forgot what that meant, but he’s cool.

Finally, I got to meet the gang, they’re fun and really sweet. They talked a lot about Lady and how she was amazing and great at what she did. There was a lot and I got the Shining Knights insignia on the side of my torso.

I don’t get to move into her old place yet. They’re cleaning it up since no one has been in it ever since her death. They said that they’ll tell me more about it, but I don’t know…

It all just seemed forced from them…

– Joshua Devonshire “Sunshine” Wenkert

P.S. Writing all of this was a great help. Maybe I should start doing this more and Elodia did give me a camera to do video ones.


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