Illusioner Details & More

RISKS (Levels of power)

Risk One: Extremely weak abilities.

Risk Two: Average strength abilities.

Risk Three: Strong, required to be on watch.

Risk Four: High risk, abilities slightly unstable.

Risk Zero: Extreme risk, abilities very unstable. Typically on watch when outside of Veskia.

Dragonfly Potential: Any risk. Only at a higher risk of being a full Dragonfly. (Known DP’s: Angel’s Shadow, Devil’s Light, Sunshine, Selkie)

Dragonfly Risk: Strongest of all. Abilities can become fully stable or unstable. Most are under watch of Gov’t in special zones. Those who become a D-R, mostly go insane due to memories of the moment where they became one.

A Dragonfly Risk is only known through a dragonfly insignia somewhere on their body. An illusion of a dragonfly appears to a DP during a traumatic event when their levels are at it’s breaking point. It’s extremely painful depending on the DP. During any other risk, they just feel the pain of the insignia being placed on their body instead of seeing the dragonfly itself, but very rarely they might see it.

Experimental Illusioners: These are manmade illusioners. Mostly end up in a extremely unstable situation leading to possible death. Mostly can be found with the guards, but never last due to the pain of the experiment and those who do have to take a special kind of drug to keep the pain down. (Known EI’s: ******, ********)

Visionary Illusioners: An uncommon sub illusioner. These illusioners can be of any risk, but they can see a dormant inner-self. Every illusioner has a dormant inner-self, and those that are DP’s have resting inner-self. They mostly take form as animals and some have multiple forms. Also known as a sighter-illusioner (Known Visionarys/Sighters: Pyro)

Anima-Illusioners: Can be of any risk, but have animal traits. Some are able to hide the traits, some cannot, and some can switch the traits. Mostly common with more tribal and village illusioners around the world Allusia, far from towns and cities. (Known Anima: Hatchet, Devil’s Light)

Mimic Illusioners: Can be any risk, but have the abilities to mimic another’s ability, voice, or looks. There is a limit that they can handle. If they mimic an ability, they cannot use their other abilities and the mimicked ability is at only half power. The mimicked voice has no other ability besides distractions and only causes the user to lose their normal voice for the same amount of time they have used that ability. If mimicking looks, they cannot speak or use any abilities. They only have half the user’s body strength. They can take a power enhancing drug to be able to use the abilities and full strength, but it’s at their own risk. They made it possible to mimic another DP’s inner-self, which can cause much damage to them. (Known Mimics: Angel’s Shadow, Hatchet, Selkie)


QUILL: An illegal drug that an Illusioner will take for more power. E.I guards do take this, but don’t do it as often as it risks death if they are not careful.

VIBE: A drug that most Illusioner will take to hide their energy. And overdose may cause them to go insane. Risk One’s/Two’s mostly take this.

DULLER: A drug that E.I. guards take to lessen the pain. Does not affect their ability.

BARB: A tranquilizer drug for Illusioner. Amount will vary on the strength of the Illusioner.

TAME: A drug that Illusioner will take to dull their abilities down by a large amount. Risk Three’s/Four’s/Zero’s often take this.

DRIVE: A dangerous drug that the members of The Expired has created. More powerful than QUILL.

DIME: Experimental tranquilizing drug. Mostly used on Risk Zeros. Some DP’s and DR’s are given this, but cannot handle it often.

MIME: A drug specifically made for dragonfly risks and potentials to tranquilizing. Sometimes used on E.I guards.

MIMIC: Experimental drug made to mimic an illusioners ability. Different colors are different risks. White=One, Blue=Two, Green=Three, Yellow=Four, Red=Zero, Pink=Dragonfly Potential, and Orange=Dragonfly Risk


These are just the basics of the trials. 


The Amphitheater Tag Trials is like a tournament to many. A majority of gangs from Veskia come and fight each other with their abilities and weapons in various areas of Veskia in various themes.

The leader and four others are a team for their gang and each have a dog-tag and special PDA to track their progress.


  1. Be the first with the most tags by the end of the games or be the last one(s) standing.
  2. You can take tags sneakily or fight for them.
  3. You can use only use QUILL.
  4. You are able to use ANY of your abilities/weapons
  5. Each round starts at 12:00AM to 12:00PM for three days.


  1. No use of any drug apart from QUILL or it’s an automatic disqualification.
  2. The future leaders of a gang are NOT allowed to participate unless they pass the ability strength test.
  3. Alliances are allowed, but you cannot completely support directly. EX: Take out the opponent(s) and give your allied team the tags.
  4. No attempts to Visage’s mask off unless you are a thirteen hour leader (They don’t do it due to respect for him). That’s a time (10 min out)
  5. Once your levels have reached zero, you are out!
    1. Dogtags keep track of your levels, meaning you can get K.O’ed by one hit.
  6. You CANNOT attack your own teammates on purpose or that’s a time (1 hour).



A small tournament between the Hour Leaders and their respective gangs.


  1. Each round starts at 12:00AM to 11:59PM for three days.
  2. 5 per team
  3. ALL members must have a specific role
    1. Examples: Tank, Medic, Stealth, Sniper, etc
  4. All drugs, except DIME, are fair game.
  5. NEVER take off the bracelet or switch with another. You can however, switch it to a different body part, such as an ankle. Other than that, instant disqualification.


One: Capture The Flag

  • Free for all Team V. Team
  • Five minutes to hide the 3 flags around the arena, one MUST be in their sector.
    • MUST be visible from one angle (not underneath a covering or stuffed in a closed space)
    • Cannot be tied down or wedged — you need to be able to grab it as you run past.
    • Can’t be buried or raised up so that it can’t be quickly snagged
  • Grab another teams flag and bring it back to your own in order to get a point.
    There is no jail, only outs if you lose health.

Two: Bracket fight

  • Team V. Team
  • No use of drugs at all

Three: Leader Fight

  • Free for all

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