It Ain’t Sunshine & Rainbows (Side Story)

Side story about Sunshine’s proper meetings with the others.

(Thought that we would post this because this was supposed to go with chapter five (if memory serves me right) – Beni)

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Her Ladyship
By Her Friends

She was beauty...
She was grace...
She was everything...

The stars...
The galaxy...
The universe...

Our beautiful sun...
She shined brightly.
She was blinding.

But, she was a hero
One killed too early,
From a single bullet.

She was a voice,
for those who can never speak...

But, now she's gone.
Gone for good.

Yet, we'll never forget-

Her ladyship.


So, Elodia (Not the character, our actual IRL Elodia who can kick ANYONES ass for bullying her friends and family can’t kick someones ass to save her life) plans on starting the official character gang outfits. So be prepared over the course of the… Maybe two to three months. Until then, here are more details about the characters (That is typically updated every now and then) > CLICK HERE

The characters actually change their clothes, so there won’t be a set of casual clothes for them, so BE FREE MY FRIENDS, but not too free because we don’t need a Selkie streaking in their birthday suit while being chased by Grim who is holding pants while Paradox and Angel’s Shadow laugh like maniacs.