Meet The Crew


All of us help write the story, but more so than others. All facts are written by the member themselves as they know what they are comfortable with what they want you to know. Only those with a * by the name are comfortable with revealing their faces/voices.

Manager Xane

  • Male, 5’11”
  • Prefers to identify self as, Queer.
  • Mainly manages the workflow of things
  • Creates basic outlines and helping the twins (Ali and Ala) translate some words
  • Acts like a manager, but denies it (Also hates the name Manager)

Elodia (Lollipop) *

  • Genderfluid (She/He/They), 5’5″ (Or 5’6″ they forgot)
  • Demisexual (Asexual spectrum)
  • Really loves candy, animals, and children
  • Main artist, main writer for poems.
  • Lover of puns and wordplay


  • Female, 5’4″
  • Lesbian
  • Not allowed to co-write with Elodia in terms of angst.
  • Works more with the angst
  • Ala’s twin


  • Female, 5’4″
  • Biromantic
  • Should stop teasing Beni about their partner (Seriously, stop it)
  • Works more with fluff
  • Ali’s twin


  • Non-binary (But also prefers she/her), 5’7″
  • Gray-asexual
  • Lead side-story writer
  • Very active within creating plot ideas for future books


  • Male, 6’2″
  • Pansexual
  • Giant¬†HUGE meme
  • Started the entire ‘Manager’ Xane thing
  • Will possibly die by the hands of Xane for that one day



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